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Welcome to Stellargold Mining farm

Pool Capacity - 15 ether per 15 days

This pool is in beta testing stage and the outcome may changes

pool_1 - 

See mining pool_1 address

How to mine?

1.Buy Stellargold Tokens at Exchange

Go to exchange

2.Send them to stellargold mining pool_1 and register your address and email in the form given below


3.Get your payouts in every 15 days

Remember payouts will be sent only to the address from which the investments are made and this can never be changed at any cost.So be careful with your keys

Formula for payouts: 

Total stellargold Invested/Total Stellargold Invested in the specific pool*Total mining capacity of the pool

Payouts will be sent in terms of stellargold tokens and the cost will be based on the exact market price during the time of payouts

4.How to cancel mining subscription?

You can cancel your mining if you send email about cancellation from your registered email to and the tokens will be refunded to your wallet within 24 hours.

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