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About Us

First Decentralized Cryptocurrency Mining Farm in history

Stellargold Mining farm is completely decentralized, so everyone can calculate their mining income easily by using a simple formula called as stellargold mining formula which gives priority to the investor who invested a large quantity of stellargold tokens to a specific pool.

Top notch hardwares specifically designed for mining

The hardwares used in our mining farm are specifically designed for high speed mining purposes and it will yield more than 10x higher outcome compared to other normal ASIC miners.

First mining farm to mine more than 5+ cryptocurrencies in the world

We are the world's first mining farm to mine more than 5 cryptocurrencies and it is the first of all type and we also provide complete transparency in our payouts and the total mining income of our mining farm.

Single Cryptocurrency Mining Eco-System

What is Single Cryptocurrency Mining Eco-System?

Single Cryptocurrency Mining Eco-System is the new generation mining technology in which by using one cryptocurrency you can mine more than 200 cryptocurrencies. Stellargold mining operations are based on a shared  economy in which the total income of the mining farm will be shared equally among its users. 

So there is an opportunity for the miners to gain more income by just making his presence as a larger one in the mining pool. So by just investing a larger amount of stellargold in a mining pool you can even share the entire income of the mining pool,so there is no chance of anyone to be limited to certain income and on the same hand you can also withdraw you stellargold tokens from the pool back to your original address within 24 hours after creating a withdrawl request.

As like other miners we are not charging the mining fee in dollars. We are charging only stellargold tokens to mine form our mining farm. And also we allow you to withdraw your tokens from the pool whenever needed.So with 0% hashfee you can start mining at our cryptocurrency mining farm  

How to mine at our mining farm

Buy Stellargold tokens

Buy stellargold tokens at any of the listed exchanges 

Invest it in our mining

Get revenue for what you have invested in us.We aren't limiting your investment interests 

Get monthly payouts

Payouts are sent as XLMGOLD tokens and hence we can maintain our market volume 

Why to mine with Stellargold mining?

Flexible mining system

You can mine any one of the 200 cryptocurrencies as your will and for a minimum period of 15 days(Initially we start mining with 2 major cryptocurrencies) 

Monthy Payouts

The mining payments are sent on 15-day basis to your respective wallets as stellargold tokens 

Mine using Stellargold tokens

We have only one payment option of using stellargold tokens(as of now) for sharing income.And in return the payouts will be given in equivalent stellargold tokens. 

No more Noise

Don’t wrestle with rig assembly and hot, noisy miners at home. We have the fastest bitcoin mining hardware running for you already!

No more high cost of hashpower

Invest in our ico and get lifetime hashpower for a few thousand dollars and earn Bitcoins for lifetime. The world's first cryptocurrency for mining many cryptocurrencies 

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